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The COVID-19 vaccination programme is well underway. Alongside other local practices - for full info. see link above Telephone answering may take longer due to pressure on resources - thank you for your patience! Try Patient Triage Online Contact?
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The COVID vaccination programme is going well with 3900 patients vaccinated in the last week in the age groups 80 , 75-79 and 70-75.


On Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th doctors will be will be visiting most of our housebound patients to vaccinate them and will aim to call ahead to let people know they are on their way. As you can imagine visting personally 82 patients will be quite challending! 



The next Vaccination clinic is on Tuesday 26th Morning at Hazel Grove Baptists Church and we are actively inviting people to this now.


We are in the process of making arrangements for people who, whilst not housebound cannot get to Hazel Grove and hope to update you later in the week.


We thank you for the lovely comments and thanks we are receiving which keep us going!

we also have to acknowledge the support that we have had from volunteers to help make the process as organised as possible. For those people that have offered and havent yet been asked,we will be in touch now we are more organised and have a better sense of what we need! 











Background – The largest mass vaccination programme in  history!

• We have had, and will continue to have, little control over when the vaccine is supplied to us. This means appointment times and arrangements will be at short notice – if you are “next in line” this might be “on the day!”.

• We have no control over which vaccines we will be getting and therefore we will not be able to allow patients to choose which vaccine they have.
• We are organising clinics as below. We have no certainty of the dates of future deliveries and therefore when future clinics will be. We will keep you informed via our website, Facebook and the telephone information line (Option “0”) as soon as we know.
• For reasons of vaccine stability and medicines licencing, we can presently only vaccinate from one physical base: Hazel Grove Baptist Church (with the exception of Care Homes where special Arrangements are in place)



I have had a letter inviting me to book in to have the vaccination in Birmingham / Leek / Macclesfield / Manchester – what should I do?
• This is as a result of the push to roll out mass vaccination as quickly as possible

• It is an option for you, but we are now moving quickly through eligible cohorts more locally.
• We will invite you to have the vaccination locally as soon as we are able (unless you have already had it)  



How will the programme work?
Based on national criteria we are vaccinating in cohorts based on vulnerability.

• Care home residents and the staff were vaccinated on Friday 15th January
• House bound patients wll be vaccinated on 25/26th January


Patients in the first cohort  aged 80   (able to get tothe hub) started on Saturday 16th of January and are now largely completed

• Those aged 75-79 were invited and complted pn Saturday 23rd

We are currently inviting patients in the 70-74 age group-  please await contact

• Regulations prevent us from considering the various reasons that many people feel should make them eligible sooner.



How will I get my appointment?
• You will either receive a text message or a telephone call inviting you to attend the clinic. The text message will ask you to click on a link taking you directly to the booking system to book your appointment.
• If we do not have a mobile phone number registered on our system for you we will telephone you and book the appointment directly with you.
• You may be asked to attend clinics at very short notice. Please try to attend.
• If you have queries about the vaccine its self please call 0161 426 9910 or email stoccg.pxenquiries@nhs.net
• There is an option “0” on our telephone system with information about progress which we will update regularly.
 Please DO NOT speak to Receptionists who cannot tell you any more and are busy booking people in.



Can I change my appointment?
• Possibly in advance, the time on the day however,  as we do not know when we will get next vaccine supplies, if you relinquish an appointment we are unlikely to be able to book you another straight away



Where will my vaccination be?
• At this time most vaccinations will take place at and you will need to be able to get to: Hazel Grove Baptist Church Station Street Hazel Grove SK7 4EX   http://www.hgbc.org.uk/how-to-find-us


What will happen when I get to the clinic?
• You will receive an appointment time. Please aim to arrive as close to that time as possible.
• We understand people will want to ensure they get there in time but if you are early,  please wait in your car until 10 minutes before your appointment time.
• We will ask everyone to wear a face covering and to maintain social distancing rules at all times.
• There will be lots of staff to help you get to where you need to be.

• When you come into the Church you will be directed to “check in” and given a “ticket” with your details on
• Following that you will be directed to one of 10 vaccination stations.
• Please wear clothing that will allow easy access to your upper arm.
• Once you have received your vaccination we need to monitor you for 15 minutes to ensure that you don’t have any reaction (if this was going to occur it would be within 15 minutes)
Please note that reactions  to the COVID vaccination are very rare.



When will I get my second vaccination?
• Based on national guidance (which may change) we will be inviting people for the second vaccination between 6 and 10 weeks after having received the first one. Please do not contact us about this we will contact you.



What about patients who are housebound?
• Visits are commencing 25th & 26th January


Please Note
This programme requires a lot of staff time to coordinate when, we may also have sickness, self-isolation and childcare issues. 
Please be understanding and considerate of the pressure doctors, nurses, reception and administrative staff are under at this time – we are doing our best for you!

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