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Flu Season

Clinics are finished now for this season but we still have some vaccine left - please call 0161 426 5375 to book in - takes seconds and you might be glad you did!


Again we have purchased two different types of vaccines specifically designed to offer the best protection based on your age group.

We ask you to have your jab here to ensure you get the most effective one and so we can update your records immediatly. The income we receive from you having your jab in General Practice helps to support the other services that we provide!



Aged 65 or over , we will be offering you a “Trivalent Adjuvenated” Vaccine. Scientifically proven to be more effective, this will protect you against the 3 most likely strains of Influenza. It has an additive which will (Safely) boost its effectiveness to levels far beyond anything previously. “Fluad” as it is known is only licenced for use in over 65’s.


If you are under 65 and in an at risk group a Carer, or Immunocompromised (or living with someone who is) we will be offering you a “Quadrivalent” Vaccine which protects against all 4 strains of the flu and will therefore be more effective than previously the case. Tetra Myl by Mylan is much less effective for the over 65’s  




Flu Isn’t that Serious........Is it?


Some people are at higher risk of very serious illness or even death if they develop flu. At best you may be very poorly for a number of weeks - ask someone who has had it!


That’s why we recommend the vaccination every year for people who;

  • are aged 65 or over
  • Aged 2 & 3 (nasal spray) link to leaflet
  • Care for someone
  • have diabetes
  • are pregnant / have recently delivered

Or those with a long term condition affecting;

  • the lungs (COPD / treated Asthma)
  • the heart
  • the kidneys
  • the liver
  • the brain or nervous system
  • the immune system
  • the spleen

Being Immunised also prevents you spreading the flu to family and friends.  


Protect yourself - Protect your loved ones



 Dr David Baxters "MYTHBUSTERS"

“The flu jab gives you flu”

You CANNOT get flu from the flu vaccine; it is a “dead” vaccine, made from the killed virus. We can say with 100% certainty that you cannot get flu from it. The vaccine takes two weeks to be effective and in that time you may be in contact with someone with flu so you could still catch flu which is why it is so important to get the vaccine as early as possible, in September or October


“The flu vaccine does not work”

In younger people the flu vaccine gives nearly 100% protection. As you get older, however, the level of protection you get against flu decreases, but what the vaccine does do in older people is to protect against Pneumonia and other complications, including death.


“The flu vaccine has bad side effects”

The flu vaccine is a dead vaccine and most people have no side effects at all - some complain of pain and a small swelling at the injection site, a fever which might require Paracetamol for a day or two. Any other side effects are rare.


“I don’t like needles”

Nobody likes needles or injections, but these days we use such small needles and our Nurses are so skilful, that the flu vaccination is virtually painless.


“I have not got the time to go to the doctors”

It only takes a few minutes to have the flu vaccine, and we can offer a range of convenient times

 “I have never had flu so I do not need to have it”
Lucky you – so far! -  whilst many people who get flu have a minor illness and recover without any complications, a number will develop pneumonia and other complications—up to 20,000 people die in England and Wales in a “bad flu” year.


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