Covid-19 Booster Immunisations

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We are sorry that it has taken a while to clarify our position in respect of administration of third doses of Covid vaccinations, whilst we awaited information from NHS England about specifics and requirements.

All third doses will initially be of the PfizerBiontec MRNA vaccine (now named Comirnaty) irrespective of the type of first or second dose patients have received. There is a possibility that the Moderna MRNA vaccine will be introduced at a later stage.

Eligibility is at least 6 months after the second vaccination.

This has created a dilemma for us, in particular in respect of the following points;

• Our responsibility to offer Flu vaccinations to the most vulnerable patients (And the financial imperative that these have already been purchased).

• There still a need to ensure observation post vaccination for 15 minutes, making it impossible to do in the Practice alongside Flu immunisations in a timely manner.

• The much wider availability of Covid vaccination at sites locally in Stockport

• We need to catch up on our reviews of our patient’s long-term conditions and medications which had to be put to one side whilst we were running the initial Covid Vaccination Clinics

• Most compelling is the fact that we know that you need us to be here, in the Practice for you, as the volume of telephone calls and appointments requested demonstrates – it isn’t possible for us to “do it all”

For these and other reasons, whilst we are cooperating with our Primary Care Network Partners and Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group and participating in the booster programme, this will be on a limited basis to cover; People in a Care Home, Patients registered as Housebound , with a Learning Difficulty or Extremely Clinically Vulnerable who are immobile, who we will contact shortly.

NHS England will contact patients as they become eligible for their Booster jab along with instructions as to how to book in via the National Booking System – or by calling 119

Please do not worry if it is over 6 months since your last dose – the recommendation is that the booster is administered not before that point and as the cohorts are being prioritised it may take a little time for you to be invited.