Flu and Covid Booster Vaccinations

woman in black tank top and white face mask sitting beside woman in maroon sleeveless shirt


Our Flu Clinics have now finished however we still have vaccine available and we are happy to book you in individually to have. (There is now significant Flu circulating and its not too late to protect yourself)

Patients in the following eligible groups are welcome to contact us to book in:

– Diabetes
– Heart Failure / Disease
– Immunosupressed e.g. Undergoing Chemotherapy, on certain medication etc
– Kidney Disease
– Over 50 Years of age
– Pregnant
– Stroke / TIA

Vaccine is still in stock – please call 0161 983 5375


We were specifically tasked with the capacity that we had, to prioritise:

– Care Home Patients and Staff
– Housebound Patients
– Immunosupressed patients

• We made clinics available for patients known to be immunosuppressed in the practice but if you have missed our invitation please call us.

• For other patients who are eligible for a Covid Booster Vaccination, these are available from various providers / hubs locally and we ask you to telephone (NHS)119 to make arrangements.

Thank you for all your support and understanding whilst we juggled the needs of the different cohorts. Please be assured we work hard to meet as many needs as possible.