We do our utmost to provide the best possible service for our Patients however, sometimes things do go wrong.

We fully comply with the NHS Complaints procedures including “Listening, Responding and Learning”, keeping you fully informed and supporting you in how to complain or have your complaint reviewed by the Parliamentary & Healthcare Ombudsman.


We have a process for handling complaints – please click HERE for a leaflet about this. Whilst we hope this won’t be necessary we will respond to complaints however made;

  • Verbally, face to face or, on the telephone
  • In writing – please address your complaint to the “Complaints Manager”, Joanne Clere, Practice Business Manager.
  • Via email

If you have a disability or language difficulty, please let us know so we can help you – additional support is available as detailed on this leaflet


Our “Responsible Person” is  Dr Siobhan Brennan, Partner.

Unless we know about problems, we can’t put them right – so, please tell us!