Repeat medication can be ordered in several ways

  • Using the “Right-hand side” counterfoil from your previous issue (please tick medication required)
    • You can drop this in by hand to the red box in the lobby, letter box at the side door or, post it to us 
  • Online using “Patient Access” (for which you have to be registered) See more here
  • By email to [email protected] 
  • Using Patient Online using this link¬†

Your Prescription will be sent electronically to your nominated Pharmacy – this can be changed if you are away from home.

Prescriptions take a minimum of 2 clear working days to process – those requested during the day on;

Monday, will be ready by Thursday morning 
Tuesday, by Friday morning 
Wednesday, by Monday morning 
Thursday, by Tuesday morning 
Friday, by Wednesday morning

Please note the following important information it may take longer to process your prescription if

  • An item or a note is added to the request 
  • Your medication “review date” has passed – you may need to see a doctor first 
  • The request is from a hospital – please allow 10 working days
  • The request is particularly complex