Booking an Appointment

Information about how our appointment system is currently working is available here

You can contact the practice by telephone on 0161 983 5375. Alternatively, you can use Patient Access to mange some aspects of your appointments, prescriptions and more online.

This Care Navigation Guide will also assist you with how to book

Online Contact: Patient Triage

Welcome to our Patient Triage Tool

Here, you can;

  • Contact us about (non urgent) medical issues
  • Seek Accredited online advice (NHS Website)
  • Ask for help on admin matters such as, Test results, Fit (Sick) notes, Doctors Letters, referrals or anything else

Just click below and follow the directions. Where appropriate, this sends a secure form which will be saved into your medical records and then responded to.

Please note that if the most appropriate person to respond is not immediately available, it may take longer than 2 days. However if you have not heard after a week please contact us.

Temporary Residents

•  If you have an acute illness needing immediate & necessary consultation with a GP, you may be seen as a temporary resident – please call 0161 983 5375 to book in

•  Please note that It is normal practice when staying with friends & relatives that you approach the practice that they are registered with

How quickly can I see a Doctor?

 • We usually have appointments available on the same day. Once these are booked we operate an On Call GP system meaning that if clinically you need to be seen that day – you will be.

• Please let us know if  the patient is a child under 16 as we always give them priority  

Home Visits

Home visits take up a great deal of the Doctor’s time and should only be requested where your medical condition makes it genuinely impossible for you to leave your home. This enables him or her to see more patients during the day. If you believe that you do need a home visit, please ring the surgery on 0161 983 5375 before 10:30am – so that visits can be organised. It is possible that the Doctor may telephone you to discuss the best solution to your particular problem.

How do I cancel an appointment?

By Phone 0161 983 5375

By email [email protected]