Update 27/03/2020

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We have reviewed our operations and the following measures have been implemented;

• All Routine appointments deemed as “can wait” will be cancelled – please make a diary note to re-book when operations are restored to normal.

There are certain categories of appointment that whilst “routine” are judged important enough to continue with as follows;

Patients on the following medications;
• Methotrexate
• Spironolactone, Eplerenone, Furosemide, Bumetanide, Indapamide, Chlortalidone.
• Any medication ending;
– “ipril” eg Ramipril
– or “sartan” eg. Losartan
• Lithium
• Anticoagulants such as Apixiban. Rivoroxiban, Adoxiban (Warfarin ring for advice)
• Mycophenolate
• Any Shared Care Protocol with your consultant) (if in doubt please ask)
• PSA – if required for hospital follow up.
• Limited patients on Warfarin (please ask)

• Post Natal & Baby Checks
• Baby Immunisations
• Hormone Injections Prostap, Zoladex
• Smears – only if repeat following an abnormal result
• Pill checks – GP discretion
• Pregnant Women – where examination / Blood Pressure Required

Where you have a face to face appointment we will ask you to wait outside the practice / in your car.
Please ring 0161 204 4052 to advise us of your arrival If engaged you can also text us on 07857 189702.
You will then be called in when the clinician is ready to see you.

Staff and Doctors will now be wearing surgical masks, glasses, gloves and aprons – please do not be alarmed its still us underneath!

If you dont have your own face covering, we can give you a  mask to put on before you come in to the building. This will be a disposable one designed to wear once / until damp & then bin. We dont suggest that you re-use it and remember whilst effective in reducing potential spread through droplets, it will not provide you with protection against the virus. Whilst wearing a mask try to avoid touching it with your hands until removing and then wash your hand s throughly.

In this way interaction with others will be kept to a minimum. We ask that you leave by the rear door again, to reduce contact to a minimum.

The Doctors now have limited access to a COVID specialist service where this is clinically indicated or a visit is unavoidable.

We have doctors in Isolation working remotely & as we have staff members with their own health risks, will be working on a skeleton staffing rota. Please be patient if it is difficult to reach us by phone. You can email us at [email protected] or click on our online consultation system via the home page.

We urge you to take the “lock down” seriously and thank you for your patience and especially for the many good wishes. These are unprecedented circumstances but we will remain “here for you” even if virtually!

Drs Valluri,Hewetson, Sunderland, Kulkarni, Crabtree, Jiggins & all the team.