New Telephone System – Surgery Connect 0161 983 5375

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 am very pleased to tell you that on Wednesday July 15th we will be introducing our new, state-of-the-art, purpose built telephone system.

This system is integrated with our computer system and in most cases when you call, it will identify your number and allow pop up of your records.

The engaged tone will be a thing of the past as, not only does it have a queuing system but, you can choose after a while to reserve your place in the queue and ask us to call you back!

It will allow us to direct your calls appropriately meaning, that the lines will be clearer for making appointments when they open at 08:30. We can also have more people answering the phones at peak time.

There are a lot of other features that will help us improve our service to you like call recording, real time information about call volumes and statistics to help us plan better.

Fraser Cherry

Practice Manager