Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel an appointment?
Via on line message here

By Phone 0161 983 5375

By email to [email protected]

How do I request a home visit?

Home visits take up a great deal of the Doctor’s time and should only be requested where your medical condition makes it genuinely impossible for you to leave your home. This enables him or her to see more patients during the day. If you believe that you do need a home visit, please ring the surgery on 0161 983 5375 before 10:30am – so that visits can be organised. It is possible that the Doctor may telephone you to discuss the best solution to your particular problem.

Will a Doctor sign my “Lighterlife” form upon commencement of this Programme?

Unfortunately we are not able to commit to the degree of monitoring that is required by this Programme, after consideration of the National Institute For Clinical Excellence guidance we have concerns about being able to sign these form so sorry, no.

What Travel Services are available at the Practice?

The practice can supply and administer the basic immunisations provided on the NHS for you however, for advice and for an extended range of vaccinations you will need to utilise the range of other resources available to you. Please click here for further information.

How do I order an ambulance?
If you require an ambulance in an emergency, please ring 999

If you qualify for and require an ambulance for a hospital appointment, this can be ordered via the booking line 0845 148 1733 M-F 8am-6PM  – please allow as much notice as possible. The service has strict policies in respect of patients requiring transport for hospital appointments and  the ambulance will take the patient only and not any other relative who may wish to accompany them.

How do I get my test results?
You can ring the surgery on 0161 983 5375 to find out blood-test results, X-rays and other reports after 2pm, one week after your test, unless advised differently. Please note that reception staff are not qualified to interpret the results for you and you may need to speak to a Doctor or Nurse. If you have online access, we can enable you to see test results (An the doctors comments) upon request/

How do I get to see my medical records?
The Data protection Act 2018 (GDPR) governs access to the health records of living people, Access to Health Record Act 1990 for deceased people. Within these acts there are strict guidelines which must be followed by General Practitioners with regards to disclosing medical information. If you wish to see part/all of your medical records, in the first instance please put your request in writing to the Practice Manager.

How do I make suggestions? 

The Practice prides its self on  continually seeking to improve – if you have an idea please let us know by clicking here.

Can the Practice accomodate requests for attachments such as Work Experience etc?

We regret that, for reasons of patient confidentiality, the Practice has a firm policy of not allowing individuals access to the Practice in this way.

What is my NHS number, how can I find it & what can it be used for?

Every individual who is entitled to NHS treatment will be issued with a 10 digit NHS number. All newly registered patients will be advised / reminded of this but, you can also request your number from our records at any time. To email your request click here We recommend that you use this number which is unique to you to identify yourself within the healthcare system.