Patient Reference Group (PRG)

In 2011 the Practice established a “Patient Reference Group” (PRG) – this enables input into matters important to Patients of the Practice and fits in with the NHS constitution which, seeks to give the public a greater say in the way health services are organised.

This Group is “Virtual” based predominantly on line, via email (Although arrangements can be made if you do not use email) and now consists of over 310 Practice Patients members who from time to time are consulted on matters, and action plans to look at any changes proposed.

There is no obligation always to be involved or to respond on every occasion.

This group of people can also link into the local and influential “Healthwatch” organisation (link here)  to feed into the shaping of services in the local health economy including Stepping Hill Hospital.

If you are interested in being part of this Group, we would really like to hear from you, particularly if you have experience in;

• Matching limited resources to demand

• Customer Service or

• Dealing with the Public

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The information below will help to make sure that we receive feedback from a representative sample of the patients registered at this practice.
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There is an obligation to ensure that the structure of the group is representative of all ages, sex, ethnicities etc which presently, it is.

Patient Reference Group Questions & Answers

Q Why are you asking people for their contact details?

A We would like to be able to contact people occasionally to ask them questions about the Surgery and how well we are doing to identify areas for improvement

Q Will the Doctor see this information?

A This information is purely to contact Patients to ask them questions about the Surgery, how we are doing and ensure that changes that are made are Patient focused. If the Doctor is responsible for making some of the changes in the surgery they might see general feedback from patients

Q Will the questions you ask be medical or personal

A No. We will only ask general questions about the Practice, such as short questionnaires

Q How often will you contact me?

A Not very often – it does depend on the responses we receive and any actions planned as a result

Q What is a Patient Reference Group?

A This is a group of volunteer Patients who are involved in making sure that the surgery provides the services its Patients need

Q What if I no longer wish to be on the Reference Group or I leave the surgery?

A We ask you to let us know by email if you do not wish to receive further messages