Register for Online Services

We like to blend our family friendly and local service with the convenience of technology to help Patients manage their health and relationship with us.

You are able to register for On-Line Access which allows you to book appointments, request repeat prescriptions and view your detailed medical record including test results, on-line.

It is easy to use and available to all members of your family who are patients, including children*. We ask you to make a written application using this form. 

Due to the personal nature of information available there is a need to provide some form of photographic identification (Driving licence, ID Card, Passport etc). We can then enrol you for the service and produce a letter with the details to enable you to register via the website

Information about Protecting your GP online records can be found here and frequently asked questions are available here.

*Children’s access is usually given via an adult having “proxy” access via their log in. Once children reach the age of 11 they are generally regarded as being “Gillick Competent” – meaning that they are able to make their own informed decisions about healthcare  (sometimes with adult support). At this stage we are obliged to remove parental proxy online access and ask the young person to re-register themselves – this is in some circumstances, to protect their privacy if they wish to do so.